Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Best Checks products are available through online ordering.  If you are unable to order online simply fill out an order form and attach a voided check from your current supply and mail it in to:

Best Checks
PO Box 1248
Berryville, VA  22611

What if I don't have a voided check, or I want checks for a new account?

If you have "starter checks" from the bank, we can use them for the bank coding. Just add your name and address information exactly as you wish to see it printed on the new check heading. We will print directly from your check sample, so carefully review it to be sure all the information is complete and current. As an alternative, you can ask your bank for a MICR encoding specification sheet customized for your account. This form includes all required bank information.

How long does it take to print checks? When will I get my checks?

We generally print orders within 48 hours. If we need to call you with questions, that will delay the processing time. Depending on the time your order is received, it might even be shipped the same day! Our standard method of shipping is UPS Ground, but you can select a premium shipping method for faster delivery time. Allowing time for delivery, most customers receive their checks within a week.

What are your shipping costs?

Orders ship by ground freight.
Need your checks even sooner? Contact our team for 2-day and Next Day Air freight charges or for shipping rates for Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Orders TotalingFreight Charges
$0-100.99 $20.03
$101-150.99 $21.80
$151-400.99 $44.35
$401-500.99 $58.70
$501 and up $63.32

Note: Shipments cannot be made to PO Box addresses, a physical address is required for delivery.

What types of checks do you print?

We print only business size laser and inkjet style computer checks for popular PC accounting software packages, such as Quicken, QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc. We do not print checkbooks or personal size checks that you write by hand. Our checks are to be used in laser or inkjet printers and will be completed within your PC software program. We do not print continuous form checks. We do not print wallet size checks. All of our checks are business size (3-1/2" by 8-1/2") printed on 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper.

Do you print deposit slips?

Yes. We offer QuickBooks (version 99 and higher) and Peachtree printable deposit tickets. We do not currently offer deposit tickets in booklet form.

Can I add my own logo to the checks?

We have a list of standard logos that can be added to your checks at no additional charge. If you want to add your company logo, there will be a $25, one-time, set up charge. Once your logo is set up with Best Checks, you can use it again for your check reorders at no charge.

Please note that the print quality of a logo will only be as good as the original artwork we receive. We will adjust the size of the logo from your original artwork to be approximately 5/8" to 3/4" in height in order to fit in the envelope window unless otherwise instructed.

What security features do you offer?

Our checks contain comprehensive security features including a colored security screen on the front of the check, a chemical stain resistant paper with fluorescent fibers visible under an ultraviolet light, a micro print signature line which will appear as a dotted line when photocopied, a security screen with the words "Original Document" on the back which resists photocopying, and the padlock emblem to notify others of these security features. Our security features significantly exceed industry standards.

What other check features are available?

Need two people to sign off on checks? Our check features include an optional second signature line. You can also add a customized line of text above the signature line(s). Popular text lines include "Two Signatures Required", "Void After 180 Days", or your company name. Simply write the text you want directly onto the voided check above the signature line, and we'll reproduce it.

We offer an optional "reverse numbering sequence". This feature is handy if you print a lot of checks at one time using a printer which requires you to put the checks face-side-down in the paper tray.

How many lines of text are possible in the name/address block?

We can print up to six lines of text on your check heading. We will print directly from your check sample, so carefully review it to be sure all the information is complete and current. If sending a starter check, just write your name and address information onto the check exactly as you wish to see it printed. Alternatively, you may write onto the check "see attached" and attach a separate sheet of paper with the exact text you want.

Which type of checks should I order, 1 per page or 3 per page?

If you are using the checks for payroll, you would use the 1 per page type. Most business customers who use the checks for accounts payable prefer the 1 per page type. Home users generally use the 3 per page style.

What if I have only 1 or 2 checks remaining on the page? How do I print them?

If you are using a software package which prints the 3 checks per page format and you have only 1 or 2 checks remaining, you can use our laser taxis to feed the last check(s) through your printer. Most printers will accept a page with 2 checks remaining but generally will require the use of a laser taxi to support only 1 check as it feeds through your printer. A laser taxi can be used multiple times.

Do you offer Wallet size checks?

No. We print only business size checks (8-1/2" x 3-1/2").

Do you print continuous form checks (tractor feed checks) for dot matrix printers?

No. We do not print continuous form (tractor feed) checks. All of our checks are single sheet checks. Your dot matrix printer must be capable of printing single sheets of paper to use our checks.

Do you print duplicate (carbonless or two-part) checks?

No. Our checks are designed to go through a laser or inkjet printer. These printers are not capable of printing on carbon or carbonless paper. However, if you order the one-check-per-page format, there is a tear-off voucher (stub) which can be used as your record, as well as a second stub which can be sent to the payee as their record of which invoices you are paying.

If I want to send in two orders for 250 each, do I use the 500 quantity price?

No. Prices are per checking account. If you place 2 check orders for 250 each, send two order forms with payment for 2 orders.

How will online orders appear on my credit card statement?

Any Best Check orders placed online will appear as charges from Turnkey Print.

What if I don't understand or have additional questions? How do I speak to someone?

Call Customer Care at 1-800-521-9619 or contact us by email at

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